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Dental Crown

A dental crown completely encases a damaged tooth within a custom-design, custom-fit cap that fits perfectly over the damaged tooth. The crown thereby restores full functionality to a tooth that may have been cracked, had excessive decay, or had root canal therapy.

There are three primary types of dental crown materials: All-ceramic (porcelain), porcelain-fused-to-metal, or gold.

A dental cap is just another term for a dental crown.

Dental Bridge

When you are missing a single tooth, or multiple teeth, a Dental Bridge is a fixed (meaning cemented in and not removable) appliance that are designed to fill those gaps with realistic looking and feeling teeth.  Bridges can be made from gold, metal alloys, porcelain, ceramics or a combination of these things.

Bridges are an excellent solution to replace missing teeth in order to restore your smile, improve the appearance and support for the shape of your face, can help with eating and speaking and can prevent other teeth from drifting out of position.

With routine dental visits and excellent home care, Dental Bridges can last in excess of 10-15 years.